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Our Services

Whatever you need for your gardens to look beautiful, we can probably help.  Anything we can't do we usually have a trusted local partner who can.  We are happy to work on an ad hoc basis as and when you require work doing, or we can discuss a garden plan to suit you and your garden.  It might be weekly, monthly, twice yearly or seasonally.  If you have a query that isn't covered by our list of services below, please get in touch here.


The maintenance and treatment of lawns is one of our core services.  A garden based around a beautiful lawn is a sight to behold!  We can help you with the following sevices and treatments: Mowing, feeding, scarifying, aerating, edging and strimming, re-seeding and turfing.

Trees, Hedges & Shrubs

Planning what to do with the trees and hedges in your garden? Doing little and often at the right times of year ensures your garden will look stunning for years to come. Our servces include:  Pruning, hedge trimming, pollarding, felling, stump removal, planting, fruit tree & orchard rennovation/reinvigoration.

Fencing & Boundaries

Fence sourcing and erection, maintenance, treatment, posts, gates and stock fencing are all in our remit and essential to keep your property safe and secure.

Beds & Borders

Keep your garden looking beautiful all year round with our beds and borders service.  Including:  Weed control, planting, planning and design or redesign, soil imrpovement, mulching and all round maintenance.

Climbers, Creepers & Other building-bound plants

Keeping on top of climbers around your property can be the difference between a beautiful house and one that feels taken over.  It is essential, especially with older properties and plants to maintain and train.  our services include:  Removal of unruly or old plants, planting of new specimens, training and re-training of existing specimens.  Typical plants include:  Wisteria, Virginia Creeper, Winter Jasmine and Climbing Roses.

Allotments & Herb Gardens

We can help with every aspect of building and maintaining a kitchen or herb garden - or your allotment!  Services:  Creation, digging & turning over, rotavation, planning/design and redesign, raised beds.

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